I'm a positive, adaptable, innovative Video Editor, obsessively passionate about turning stories around to an enlightening angle. I am a relentless advocate for individualization within a story, and devoted to facilitating world-class collaboration sparking other’s potential and curiosity.

During my 10+ years in production, I have worked within 3D pixel mapping, live production, post video production, editing, sound design, foley recording, motion graphics, and lighting. 

I believe everyone has a story worth hearing, experience is brand, honesty is appreciated, there are no strangers, Frank Sinatra is awesome and that vibes are an art. 

Ideation | Woo | Developer | Input | Restorative


Mark is a passionate creative who believes in hard work and inventive problem-solving. I have watched Mark grow from a talented young man with a great capacity for teachability to a professional who continues to generate ideas and push boundaries. Mark constantly went above and beyond his job description, and was tireless in his pursuit of continuing his education. He’s a triple threat: he’s artistically capable, he’s an enthusiastic worker, and he’s a man of great character who would be an incredible asset to any team. I would not hesitate to recommend him whole-heartedly.
— Erin Moon - Creative Director at youthministry360
Mark is a dreamer with an abundance of talent. He is a true creative artist. I met Mark when he was 15 years old and I have managed him in a variety of both paid and volunteer roles. As his mentor, I have witnessed a tremendous amount of personal, professional and spiritual growth. His natural gifting is rare and he manages his talent well. Mark is a talented editor and is constantly learning. He develops processes to master efficient editing practices and regularly seeks knowledge from tutorials and industry professionals in his own time. Mark has a natural eye as a videographer. His strengths are in documentary work and the art of storytelling. I hope to work with Mark in the future and I am thankful to call him a lifelong friend. Mark is truly one of a kind.
— George Wiley - Video Editor at INNOVATIVE
Mark has an amazing ability to grasp concepts quickly, instinctively, and deliver work that others in his field take years to master. His positive spirit and always-willing-to-help attitude spread through the team like a wildfire and we are forever grateful for his time with us. With such character, unshakable dedication and a pure eagerness to help. – If given the opportunity to work with Mark again I would do so without hesitation. He is truly one of the best.
— Casey Scofield - Creative Director at Compassion International